Scooby the Irish Setter

This is Scooby the Irish setter that has been in for training lately. He’s a sweet sensitive dog that has had to overcome some aspects of being socially inept upon meeting and greeting other dogs. He’s gone from loud, obnoxious, and scary, to being much more inviting and self controlled. Much credit goes to his owner, Laura, for all her hard work in taking our lessons and homework given in doing a spot on fantastic job! Dog training is all about teaching the owner how to be the best handler for their dog. After all they are their dog’s teacher far more than I will ever be given the time spent with the dog. Well done team!

Boot Camp Kids

Buttercup, the Spinone Italiano, Lemon and Milo, the Golden Retrievers, doing some joint boot camp work this morning before we hit the road for an eight-lesson day! The boot camp kids have done pretty well all and all during their stay. A lot of distraction here with our eleven dogs and our full roster of weekly lessons. Looking forward to furthering these canines education with their families.