From the time Kyle brought home his first bird dog at ten years old, dogs have always been in his blood.  Kyle's passion for the companionship of dogs and their abilities has brought him to where he is today. To date, he has worked with more than 3,200 people and 4,100 dogs, encompassing 100 breeds, in over 50,000 hours of one-on-one programs.  Kyle works with people and their dogs in relationship fundamentals of basic & advanced obedience, rehabbing aggressive behaviors, problem solving undesired behaviors, upland bird and waterfowl hunting; search and rescue in area search, both live-find and cadaver, and tracking / trailing.

Kyle's experience with dogs goes well beyond training and behavior as he has a wealth of field experience with medical and nutritional needs of the canine. He has worked in animal hospitals, both private and emergency clinics, for several years, as well as in a family-owned pet food and supply store of twenty years. His dogs are his family— his dogs, his students are his life. His pack.

Students from all over come see Kyle at his home in Saugerties, NY and he also does home visits in Ulster  County.   Additionally, he available for phone consults.  



Have questions and need a plan for your dog? Talk to Kyle!  Sign up for a 45 minute phone consult today and we will get back to you to schedule it as soon as possible!

Phone Consult

A comprehensive 45 minute phone consult where you and Kyle review detailed dog history, have an extensive Q&A, and outline the next steps or training plan for you and your dog.

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Want to train your dog but don't have the time to train in person?  Download my step by step guide for training the Family Dog! 

The Family Dog Fundamentals

This is a comprehensive handbook that is conveniently packaged as an ebook. It covers every aspect of owning a puppy through training it by yourself or in tandem with a training professional. Take advantage of Kyle's 20 year career experience of teaching thousands of people how to teach their dogs. This is the one stop shop for the fundamental commands in print!

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