Rehabbing Aggression

Aggression doesn't have to be a tragedy. Kyle Warren Dogs has a great track record with solving and or managing even the worst canine problems.  Kyle has worked with countless aggressive dogs, mild to extreme, centered on toy, food, territory, dominance towards other dogs, animals or humans.  These dogs have a long road ahead.  First we establish a positive, functional relationship.  We work on the basics.  Then we begin to target the negative.  Every 8 to 10 lessons, we can re-evaluate if we see the canine making progress.  Depending on how extreme the behaviors and the handler's limitations, as short as 6 months to as long as 12 months is how long the stereotypical student takes to achieve our maximum results.  Despite this being the case, you are only committed to a minimum of 12 lessons to start the rehab process just know that 12 lessons will most likely not get you to your highest ground. Educating you to be a quality handler with a dog that has aggression issues is a serious undertaking and it requires time to work through the process. People have deadlines for dogs but dogs do not have deadlines.

(Jake; pictured middle, successfully completed the Rehab Program with Kyle and is now a happy confident Shepherd!)


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