The Fundamentals and more

This is the foundation for our entire authoritative relationship with your dog. Includes obedience fundamentals or as Kyle prefers to give more meaning to it— pack function, dog-owner teamwork, and problem solving. Learn how to present yourself ideally - and clearly - to your dog with a quality emotional and mechanical presentation. We work on the differences between discipline/structure, exercise and attention; tackle problems; focus on you and your dog's mindset and behaviors. 12 lesson minimal. No maximum lesson count.



No matter where in the world you live, Kyle Warren Dogs can be there for you every step of the way working with you and your dog. Kyle can work with you on the phone, with a smart phone or a tablet with interactive videos, along with his e-book, training videos, and audio sessions. Specific problems can be pinpointed, goals reached, and any crisis handled.  Situation depending, sometimes Kyle will recommend working with him in tandem with another trainer that is near you. Have the support of Kyle Warren Dogs around the globe!


puppy Time

These lessons are for owners with puppies two to four months old. Learn how to mold the relationship between you and your pup, and provide the best environment - physical and emotional for raising him. We cover housebreaking, crate training, socialization, desensitization, the best foods and toys, puppy-owner time, and how to prepare for formal obedience training. 1 to 4 lessons.



Choosing the right dog for you and your family is an important decision. But many people don't consider how many factors affect their choice - and choosing the wrong dog can leave it with lifelong behavioral problems or cause it to end up in a shelter.  We'll work together as a team, looking at how and where you live, what your expectations are, and what your schedule is.  We'll compile a list of breeders, shelters and dogs.  Helping people find the best canine companion is one of the most rewarding and important things Kyle can do for you.



Introducing your new baby to your home when a dog is present can be nerve-wracking for the dog as well as the family.  Kyle will help you set up a positive, workable structure before the arrival, help begin the transition ahead of time, and help your family take precautions to prevent possible problems.  After your baby's arrival, we'll make sure the adjustment is smooth and work on any issues that come up. The Fundamentals is almost always recommended if after initial information exchange it sounds like we need more than one consultation.



For those students that wish to learn and do more once The Fundamentals are solid, we can do any customized advanced work together that you are thinking about with your canine companion.



Aggression doesn't have to be a tragedy. Kyle Warren Dogs has a great track record with solving and or managing even the worst canine problems.  Kyle has worked with countless aggressive dogs, mild to extreme, centered on toy, food, territory, dominance towards other dogs, animals or humans.  These dogs have a long road ahead.  First we establish a positive, functional relationship.  We work on the basics.  Then we begin to target the negative.  Every 8 to 10 lessons, we can re-evaluate if we see the canine making progress.  Depending on how extreme the behaviors and the handler's limitations, as short as 6 months to as long as 12 months is how long the stereotypical student takes to achieve our maximum results.  Despite this being the case, you are only committed to a minimum of 12 lessons to start the rehab process just know that 12 lessons will most likely not get you to your highest ground. Educating you to be a quality handler with a dog that has aggression issues is a serious undertaking and it requires time to work through the process. People have deadlines for dogs but dogs do not have deadlines.



Upland bird hunting and waterfowl search/ retrieve courses are designed for both pointers and flushers.  We can combine both into one course for a versatile hunting companion.  This training includes 4 to 6 weeks of The Fundamentals as we are easing into our bird work after which we continue to do basic command work as it applies to your dog. 12 lesson minimum. No maximum.



Kyle Warren Dogs is very selective in the dogs deemed acceptable to be taught these skills. After having completed The Fundamentals, if an assessment proves that your dog is balanced and of the aptitude for this job then we start the process of teaching your dog to bite on command through a series of training progressions from tug toys to sleeves to scenario training. The handling of these dogs must be taken seriously. This is a fun activity to do with your dog, with some additional benefit in an unexpected dangerous situation. If you own a dog of protection utility origin we can discuss this avenue if you are interested and we the time is right.


Once The Fundamentals are in place and we have no behavioral issues with your dog, if you are interested in pursuing Search and Rescue (SAR) with your dog we can discuss which specialty may be appropriate for you and your dog: area search, trailing or cadaver. Kyle Warren Dogs has owned and trained dogs in this field and can be a fantastic coach on this rewarding and challenging journey.